Wishful Thinking

Hi everyone!

This is a play about 3 personalities. It is set in a prison in space. They are trapped there in the future, trying to return home, which is Calgary, AB, Canada.


I thought long and hard about the reasons why I left. Did it have to do with change? I changed her, she wasn’t me. I was in reverse there, trying to prove myself when there was no need. Show them that I can be left-brained, I thought over and over again.


I gave up something very important – the ability to procreate. I think they were listening, but no one would make the sun shine. I became used to a large company running this way. It was amazing, the work I did.


She’s dressing for tomorrow, frantically preparing for what could be the start of something amazing. As soon as I’m free, I will quickly realize what reality is, she thinks.

CHONA FE & BLOX – Ask us what we’re doing.

DAISY – Ask me what I do for work.

(silence in the prison; they sit on their cold beds, dressed in black and yellow stripes, holding their heads down in agony)

(Daisy exits)

(ChonaBLOX. enters; she is their savior, a creative entity with powers to change reality)


(back in town, ChonaBLOX. is working; it is present day)

How would we portray the below?

A 6-month role (contract) with projects focused on brand development and execution.

Directing approach:

*Use life as an opportunity to apply objective skills, then season with appropriate mentality.
*Jump on potential, if that’s where you want to go. However, you will need to steer with logic and practicality.

Role focus:

(determine which personalities take charge of which projects)

*Startup stage development (concept & research, commitment and traction; establishing order and cohesion; time management; application of new software ~ Pipedrive, Qwilr, Pomodoro, Canva, Basecamp, Ahrefs etc.)

*Sales and marketing (working directly with company CEO and other team specialists to develop sales strategies and marketing approach)

*Creative and technical writing (#ourlocalcrew campaign, #targetaudience campaign, #thursdaytheory campaign, ChonaBLOX. blog, copywriting, call/email scripts, prospecting packages, all project documents)

*Brand discovery and project scope (establishing workflow, process optimization & guidelines; 1st Meeting Form, Brand Concept Kit, Digital Marketing Plan, Example of Project Scope Statement, Letter of Engagement, Mission History Market documents; Brand Development Exercise)

*Solution development (Website Revamp/Rebuild/Build; VWM Complete Branding Package; Media Kit)

*Original content creation for applicable channels and platforms (personal and professional Instagram accounts; photography, graphic design & art)

*Core concepts (Simpler & Larger, The Hub Concept, Synergy, Integrity) and sales strategies (Insight Selling; Mom & Pop Store Spring Promo)

*Idea development (Digital Presence presentation/business model; Step by Step SEO Guide and SEO presentation)

*Editing (web/social content, all VWM content)

*Art direction (branding, documents, marketing collateral, media kit and price sheet design)

*Project management and coordination (bottom-up approach)

Have you attempted to write about your life story before? What was your experience? Positive outcomes? Negative? And on a side note, can we just say how scary writing can actually be? 

The Sales Process

Hi everyone! Follow along, let’s begin!


An assertive approach is confident and direct. Assertive people know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. They also respect the feelings and needs of others and are prepared to negotiate solutions that are acceptable to all parties. Once you’ve secured the first meeting (book same week, reply to email/call same day), arrive on time and with a smile on your face.


Position yourself as knowledgeable and prepared. You must have a firm grasp of your services and an educated idea of the client’s needs. Use the first meeting to gather ideas and take notes. Summarize the client’s words and confirm your interpretation is correct.


It is better to establish this right from the get-go. If possible, provide a verbal offer based on the parties’ negotiations. Provide a price sheet. Some helpful questions – Our services cost this much, does that work for you? If not, what works with your budget? Always position value over price. This is an investment because or I am showing you evidence based on. You can combine any previous positive experiences with relevant statistics/straight numbers and use Ahrefs for an SEO case. Then, wrap up by providing vital closing points, scheduling your next meeting and confirming proposal hand-off.


From the beginning to the end of the cycle, you are creating connections with members of your community and potential customers. Try to understand where they are coming from. Show empathy. Everyone is affected by bad weather. Everyone has a bad day. Try to relate to them as if they were your friend.

Some other bad/good vibes – She just came in and shoved brochures in my face. She wasn’t prepared and looked tired …or was it actually… She gracefully entered, looked around, then walked over with a smile carrying some interesting papers. She explained her situation with ease and apologized for not being completely ready. My daughter kept me up all night! Being honest matters immensely!

Just like any strong friendship, you need to dedicate time and effort for the sale and relationship to develop successfully. The proof is always in the pudding (end result), but you still need to commit 100% along the way. A door to door visit may be brief, but it also demonstrates your energy, candor and confidence. A short, but powerful phone call shows commitment and integrity. Lead with your voice, tone and language. Also, take note of what you’re wearing (literally, mentally and spiritually). People are checking you out!


The sales cycle is often repetitive and can be lonesome. Believe in yourself, be extra creative and don’t worry. There are always other fish in the sea. You MUST fish however. Each day matters! Every touchpoint counts, no matter the brevity or weight, but treat each opportunity as your last. Don’t get down on ideas that aren’t ready. Instead, use the mere fact that they exist as a way to uplift your pursuits to greater and bigger things! He didn’t reply. Well, I’m going to contact this company instead. THEN. DO IT. He didn’t seem that interested. Well, why? Maybe I can present it this way. You can create openings and the universe responds, but you will need to take action to reap a reward!


From the beginning to the end of the cycle, you are creating reasons to be in contact. Always enter and exit harmoniously. If you know there is a need, understand it and quickly establish your intention and validate awareness. Don’t be pushy; utilize messaging (i.e.: email) to set a rhythm. Maintain a sense of harmony throughout your interactions. You want to ensure you’re both on the same side of the coin, otherwise differences (minor – your mood, timing OR major – opinions, culture, phase of development, objections) will build walls, making it harder for you to breakthrough.

Be empathetic and create a reason to bond. Friendly and to the point text messages, substantive emails and smart phone calls. However, limit the amount. Pay close attention to things that don’t relate directly to the sale. Thoughtful comments and gestures are welcome, but maybe avoid ‘hugs’ (until they’ve been your client for at least 2 years). Your verbal and nonverbal cues are tools for establishing rapport and should be used strategically and effortlessly. What could be awkward for you, is thoughtful to them, but potentially vice versa.


Closing throughout the sales cycle is about competence. How hard will you work. Will you push until then end. From the beginning to the end of the cycle, you are envisioning the satisfaction of all parties. When will it happen, how will it happen, what will their reaction be, what small or large moves can I make to move us closer to winning? Things also occur naturally. If there are delays, the best approach is to ask more targeted questions and to use a timeline. Simplify the offer, the budget or the project’s scope. And, gosh darnit, pick up the phone and call them instead. No one does this, because it is hard.


Many owners are still in the Discovery Stage. You might have to do some extra leg work to help them recognize their needs first before expecting them to jump onto an amazing proposal you spent hours, days or weeks putting together. For questions, make them as unique as possible and avoid close-ended questions at this point. You should know each other well enough by now, that open-ended questions will work to your advantage. We want to establish finality, so confirm project duration, budget cost and start date.

Don’t walk away! Raise your hands up in the air! Did you like the pace of this post? That’s how fast sales works!