The Writer’s Block & Acceptance Letter

You know when you’re frantically trying to search online for a resume or cover letter template, but everything out there looks pretty much the same? Nothing caters to your creative passion, so you just become frustrated and want to stop trying? The same feelings can occur when attempting to establish an important document.

When I need to write anything technical, the best approach I’ve found so far, is to write right away, as soon as inspiration strikes. Sit in a cafe near a window. Absorb the conversation around you. Smile and sip that joe. Then, attack your phone/laptop, vigorously writing everything down. For someone with an extremely complex creative mind, it helps sometimes to forget about ‘everything’ and just write.

Then, once you have a draft, reach out to your contacts, both ones that are familiar with what you’re dealing with and ones that have no clue, and see what they have to say. Their words can prove invaluable and could incite a new channel of thinking within your brain that hasn’t been accessed because of various reasons. Now, you can attempt a second draft and continue to rely on the opinions of your contacts, it will just be easier that way, in some regard, to keep things mainstream. This process may go on for a bit, but again, the reason for writing and just doing it, is to practice until perfect.

Writer’s Block is described as a condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing (Google). It may be rooted in the early childhood emphasis of performance over process. In my opinion, Writer’s Block is definitely of anxiety. It is an inability to locate courage or the fear of missing steps, so what would be the point of starting. The act of writing itself is complicated, so when you combine that with every day challenges, it  may seem daunting and near impossible to attain some form of productivity. I like to say, at both the beginning and end of a project, what will make or break your success is taking that first uncomfortable step, asking for help when you need it, utilizing your mental capacity to summarize your main points, then finally learning to turn things off and stop ruminating.

Documents small or large have the opportunity to be both shiver-inducing and in charge.

Here is an example of an acceptance letter I wrote for a sales job. What you do with it is up to you!

Thank you for your offer of employment.
Q: What question will every CEO have when hiring a new business team member?
A: What makes you the BEST for my business?
I have an arsenal of answers, some are described below.
Q: Let’s begin.
A: I will empower you to be YOUR best and I will put my best talent forward understanding that there will be a learning curve, I can keep up, trust me.
Every project will have a PROCESS to reach a targeted end; I aim to –
Describe and define this process, then –
1. Increase your profit margin by strategically refining your sales purchasing funnel
2. Raise overall awareness & interest in your business
3. Generate more flexibility for the team so that you can create a more successful company
Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. It is a personal choice to hold one’s self to consistent standards. I will bring forth growth and integrity by focusing on the following –
  • Documenting the customer onboarding process
  • Developing welcome care packages
  • Articulating in-house processes & access to resources to the team and clients
  • Writing case studies about the team, clients and services
  • Creating client profiles
  • Performing client interviews over the phone and/or in person
  • Creating a Q+A document (5-8 questions) for customer stories to promote new business
  • Promoting customer stories to expand our networking community
  • Assisting with creative and technical content in other formats (blog, video etc.)
I can also help with copywriting, idea development, advertising, creative direction, account management and project coordination.
In conclusion: I am intuitive, intelligent and innovative and I intend to find ways to make things simpler and larger for you. Above all, I’m eager to learn. I am genuine. I am constantly inspired. I am enthusiastic and will care about our company’s and clients’ needs. I will proactively listen to my team. I will be dependable & I will deliver! Looking forward to your response!
Thank you and best regards,
Your Name

Chapter 3 – Editing in A Day

“Dude, I’m not coming up yet, I’m not ready.” Daisy was so frustrated, why did he have to control her like that? Why was he in charge and not her? The tag of her green Champion jumper rubbed on her neck and she irritatedly scratched it like a black spider climbing doughy cement. From here on out she was done being told what to do, “I am going to succeed, if it’s the last thing I’m capable of, dangit, I WILL!” Tiny black pills leapt off her skirt making their way down onto pillows marking the street like jewels of yams protruding from the earth. What the heck…where…am…I? Daisy felt silly and stern, “I thought the map was taking me that way…hmm…I am going to have to reconfigure.” She stuck her finger down her throat to feel the recess between her clavicle and sternum, yup, the bump was still there and it felt mightier than before. With a giant sigh of relief Daisy whipped her hand out and quickly rubbed her brow of the pink and yellow sweat trickling wayward towards the bottom of her clogs. The colours were debating with the sunset arguing against this theory: Can we reproduce smells? If only I could see my thoughts. “Is it still not working yet?”, “No.” Okay, well then…let me think. I have zero capability of calculating the difference in time unless it’s through true visuality AND I have thus far only found value in doing everything. Everything is creating. Everything is putting it together. Everything is adding it up.

Chona’s mind went blank. She sat solemnly in the imitation art chair wearing the same worn out neon pink Cotton Ginny t-shirt and whatever pants suited her OCD in that moment of time. To shower or not to shower, that is a key. To remember cucumber, coffee and sex as per Sting singing virtuously, according to the Kama Sutra – a person with the principles of this science, who preserves his virtue, his Artha and his pleasure will obtain the mastery of Each Other. Seventeen always looked like that, predisposed to sleep, but still needing time for rest. Chona Fe yawns and gives up for a bit then hands the paper over to Alice. She bites into it like a rabid snail, if that could ever be possible, but don’t shit the pail because snails are like tricky people. If Daisy could pick just one to imitate it would be the unusual teen at Starbucks. Its head was gargantuan and grotesque because colours from the rainbow of death oozed out of its shell. “Why the HECK would you want to be that?”, Chona Fe answered in a stance of pride, “Well, because its power comes from within, and they are not secret, they are just shown to begin.” So. Alice goes back into hiding and the teen just shrugs. The adventure has now begun, let’s see where it will lead us, nearer to or farther from Elevententeen.


Chapter 2 – The Hiatus

Our explorer has taken a hiatus, she is tired and as she peers across the street, he seems tired as well. She puts on her best coat and slips her feet into some cherry red rain boots, the moment she steps outside she feels the cold tingle in her bones and her hair sashays as the wind hits her with a warm whisper asking, “Hey. Are you there?”

Don’t worry, just keep it as it is, she said. She says these types of things happen to her often, she must partially remain motivated to live and she must secondly rid herself from the despair of The Need. I need my comb, where is it? She reaches into her purse, not the one from Vestiaire, but a second-hand Coach made of well-used garbage beige calfskin tin.

A desperate voice in her head urges, “These are the lines, the shapes, the colors, the values, the forms and the textures. There is no SPACE.” Repenting and refusing, Daisy shakes her head vigorously and steps into an oily pink puddle seeing only her reflection for a brief second of time.

“Come to the spot, dabble in delight, peruse my space with wonder and might; question clients A, C and J. Find a way to see, see connections and see separations. Come from away, come from near, be the bearer of untimely cheer.” – The Pause and the solemn inquirer of Where

And with that, Alice from Wonderland appears, presenting Daisy with the following conundrum: “Where can you gather your answers from, is it online, has it been written by another? When the answer comes, make it right, make it right, make it right, make it right.” She takes off in haste, not really caring about her hair and for some reason this time, she is riding an umbrella as if it were from Life Space.

Hmm, this was somehow puzzling. But onto the next block, still in the rain, the sky still bleak, wet and gray. Daisy just can’t seem to pull her head up. She envisions red and yellow amongst oily pink and purple. “Why is this taking forever?”, “What has become of the perspective?” It is all askew and small, but still vast. I used to have dreams in this perspective, really well I was awake, burning my eyeballs trying to fall asleep. “Somehow there has been someone toying with this section.” Elevententeen was just that, a constant slideshow of places that needed to be defined.

There was no consistency or realness.

There was so much dismay.

Her entourage had miniature plastic smiles plastered to their faces and there was still that nagging red pinned to each user like a little umbrella badge stitched with tiny yellow thread.

Chona had no where to go, although her urge to run, to run uphill…was strong.


Chapter 1 – What Goes on in Daisy’s Head

How do you write anew? How do you continue to post after a long weekend of stuffing your face with turkey and cranberry sauce to the point where by holiday Monday you’re lost in a hazy misconstruction of football episodes, your daughter’s Super Monsters Halloween edition and extra pumpkin pie, pumpkin coffee cake streaming through your veins? I drove into work this morning feeling like I took a 5 month mental hiatus and that it would take another 5 years to get back to where I was last Friday in terms of thought processes and drive. But this sobering feeling, is it better than the former? Which should I be chasing? There is no need to chase if the answer is right there.” And so, I ignored CBC and the Mr. Stephen Quinn and tried to nap in my car only to think, if I don’t get up to my desk right away, I will fall asleep into this sluggish slump and it will impact the rest of my week in a very negative way. “Dangit, it’s starting already,” quipped Daisy, “I’m not ready to travel, dangit, dang you, dangit, DANG YOU!” I’ve fallen, it only lasts 2 days, but the clock will tick up until the 21st and I only have so much time to regroup and reiterate my success using succinct words and a logical progression of content.

Daisy looked upward, towards the roof and saw a glowing star leaning on its edge, skirts away from abandoning friends and arriving onto a dust covered pillow. Puffy and  like an oyster, she rolled over in bed, drawing her arms over her face and pushing down to feel that cold cozy pleasure she so longed for throughout the day. Today was bright and sunny, bold rays peered through large windows allowing light into her Brooklyn studio apartment. The girl was ready for A Day, ready to do the job she did best – ‘social media marketing’ for an up-and-coming TED startup company in the SoHo district of Elevententeen.

Elevententeen was a designated area for a group of bright communications pupils. They had three things in common. One, they were Bipolar Type 10; two, they had recently quit ‘drinking’ and; three, they lived with an intent to impact the digital landscape like no other humans have done before them.

Daisy grabbed her pillow and immediately clicked on her Insta app, that nagging suspicion to see The Need fed her like a rich, decadent chocolate drink costing tons more than a third-hand Prada bag nabbed off Vestiaire (and Seventeen). She quickly clicked, but then something else happened. It did not open, she did not see the grace of her favorite celebrity and his infantry, she just heard a sound, a long drawn, slowly creeping vibration of ‘digital air’ and the only thing she could think of was, “That content had just become redundant however, I can’t seem to see the validity in re-writing and re-working the same concept more than 3 times, then after that it will become null and void. The success that emerged from it last week is no longer there.”

“It’s locked!”, “Were you able to get back in?”

No, so I decided to just write. Write down your thoughts Chona, write them down and write them down again. Get back to your spot on the list, get back to you, this new you, but sadly I already have a headache developing from the idea of it. Will she be able to leave the content as it is? Will she usurp the value of its flow by editing it down, editing it all out to make complacent sense? Can you back away and still smile and feel success? That is something Alice from Wonderland would say, “Things aren’t worth that much once you start editing out the originality Miss Chona Fe, but I think this is what you think then isn’t that the way?”

(For TED) Next topic up, something a little more logical and objective: awakening technicality in your creative mind using conscious mental activity & a design case study on selling social media ideas to small businesses.

Tip: Trust instinct, not visuality. For example – She’s too excited! I think! Or, “Believe in yourself. The rest is up to me and you.” Or, Keep things simple. Have a rational objective.