Sales Specialist

Hi everyone! As VanWhistle Media’s Lead Sales Specialist, I have been building the foundations for a new digital marketing brand. How will we stand apart from others? How do we get customers to commit?

In my mind, it’s a combination of creative direction (standing apart) and content (establishing commitment). Also, a strong brand is everything. It is about locality plus some other concept I haven’t figured out yet (internationalism?). Meet your neighbors and start building connections any way.

I wanted to design some storefront posters and presentation slides (with animation) and this is what I came up with in the discovery stage –

Header: VANWHISTLE MEDIA IS HERE TO HELP! (large, black + white)

Sub-header: Social Media (rainbow)

Done correctly, you can tell everyone that your brand is ACTIVE and that you are FOCUSED on promoting ongoing and thriving communication with your customers. We will show you where your efforts have worked and where they are falling short! DO SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

Sub-header: SEO (blue)

Progress to the next level with a definite increase in traffic by organizing your content by keywords; this will ensure your brand appears HIGH on Google’s list of results. Your business will need a powerful strategy as search tactics are always evolving. Let’s get you to the top of the list! DO SEO with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

Sub-header: Web Design (orange)

Everything about your website (content, appearance, functionality) is determined by the QUALITY of its design. Aim to establish expertise & credibility. We can manage this process from start to finish! DO WEB DEVELOPMENT with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

(include at bottom in smaller typeface, maybe white on gray?)

Small print: We can also help with – Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Blog/Content Creation, Designing, Auto Dealership Package, Storefront Signage, Business Cards, Branding, Creative Direction & Idea Development. Contact us, we’re flexible and talented!

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Background tip – I repeat ‘DO…with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today’, because repetition has been shown to be an effective selling tool. Scientists have found that repetition increases processing fluency. In other words, our brains find repeated words easier to process and remember. I really want to establish a focus in my message (do = doing = done). What will drive people to stop and read/look at our poster? The word DO repeated equals the word DOING repeated equals the word DONE repeating in their heads, thereby increasing desire and attracting demand. It’s always about thoughtful language, usage and placement!
Coming back to this project, I question the use of ‘talented’. For whatever reason, people hate that word. Like, a talented person couldn’t have an honest mandate. Or, to say one’s talented is to say, I’m egotistical. It really makes me wonder. What do you guys think?
I suppose at the end of the day, people are going to think how they want. So…if you’re going to do it differently, find trustworthy research to support your ideas!