Chapter 8 – Swimming

The chlorinated water stung her eyes. Daisy continued to grimace, holding her breath and paddling her arms amid graphic stingrays and intermittently exiting bobbing jellyfish. The clock’s numbers were vibrant green and everyone in the pool hall sat silently, waiting for Daisy to come up again.

This should do it. One red ring and one blue, right? She dove down deep to retrieve the metaphysics, opened her sight side and slipped each ring around one elbow at a time. She started to feel pressure building up and the water was shifting to purple. She knew, she only had so long to carry herself back to town.

The audience gasped. Would she make it up in time? Nothing was ringing. The tiny green flags were sporadically twitching and glitching in between scents of star anise. The animals started to exit. They’ve seen enough of this to know, they had won once again. Even Shady and Slime left carrying newspapers and bamboo fibre mugs filled with wine.

Daisy was officially up and her yellow-lime green suit still had a bit of light going off. She carefully pruned her wet hair and felt a bit of black grease on the surface of her fingers, making her starved. Is someone going to bring me a ham and cheese biscuit? It didn’t seem like it. It seemed freezing. Off-putting, really. She shook her head in a frenzy.

Down at the disco tech, animals mingled with Others and creatures of all kinds. This store had been up since 1915, although only known to mankind since 2020. It became an entranceway for changing into stuff like new bed reclines and barbecued pork chop muffins. A disco tech was not so much for dancing anymore. It was a space for replacing goods and skills to receive elevated stature.

Daisy only visited once a year. She brought the two rings, hoping to exchange them for sweet lemons and grass seed. When she would be able to return home, she hoped to plant both, growing an aromatic space conducive to Seventeen showing his face again. She missed them and their sarcastic antics ruining everything.

Seventeen clutched his way through the jungly roughage, trying to bring sight to her millions of thoughts in a way they could both understand. Their relationship ran deep, so deep that they barely communicated regularly anymore. Thoughts were transmuted through id or in sets of threes (the three most dominant voices of mind). It was hard to decipher love during  technological warfare. She was right across from him, but they were a thousand years apart. He looked away, confused and terrified.

She sweated once. The mirror sang. They both awaited the reflection of Being or the union of Each Other.


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