A Work in Progress

Hi everyone! People always wonder. About what I do, why I do it and for whom. Here is a profile on Blox and some ideas pertaining to the business model I have been developing for Blox. Communications. 

When I left Bell Mobility, I came up with three words to define my new journey –

  1. RESOLVE (be the best I can be);
  2. CONFIDENCE (be confident and capable, because everything is possible);
  3. SOBRIETY (be proud of what I have accomplished without dwelling on the past).

These words keep me on track and instill a sense of value in my pursuits. I’m excited to share my ideas with you (in third person) and welcome your comments!


Blox is an artistic identity that was developed in the early 2000s. Since then, it has become a moniker for Chona’s creative and technical work embodying branding, marketing and sales. Chona recently completed a 6-month contract for a digital marketing agency in its startup phase, VanWhistle Media (New Westminster, BC). During this time, Chona helped to develop an entrant brand strategy, as well as, the marketing and sales collateral used to woo prospective clientele. With several projects underway, she decided to develop an idea where she could provide customized content solutions to businesses aiming to either define or refine their brand. In order to present something fluent for her customers to read, Chona dedicated countless hours towards expanding her writing, designing and marketing skills.


Chona’s long-term goal (5-10 years) is to work with other global creatives and to influence the corporate landscape, impacting how companies use art, communication and language in advertising and design. For the next year or two, Chona’s goal is to elevate her educational background through formal training (Jelly Marketing Academy, BCIT). Today, Blox. Communications is a business entity that helps create objective goals for Creative Engine & Digital Specialist, Chona Fe Canlas (BLOX).

BLOX makes content, concepts & strategies to help businesses advance in branding, marketing and sales. She focuses on the process of creating, developing, and communicating ideas that are abstract, concrete, written and/or visual. This process includes the action of discovery, innovating the concept, developing a process for execution, and bringing it all to reality. Her experience and unique approach leaves a strong mark across all digital mediums today.

She will always ask: What does your business need help with today? How can we improve your Digital Presence?


a) To develop BRAND IDENTITY via transparent, accurate & responsible communication.
b) To promote GROWTH + ATTENTION using state of the art processes and techniques.
c) To cultivate COMPREHENSION of digital presence using a Simpler & Larger approach.


Simpler & Larger – To produce work that is easily understood and done, so that business (as a whole entity) can consider a greater capacity.


1. INTEGRITY is a choice of being honest; it encompasses consistent standards & ideas that impact a greater picture.
2. TRANSPARENCY is how actions are observable; it brings clarity & accuracy to communication where multiple parties are involved.
3. BELIEF is trust and confidence in our audience and work; it promotes the realities of the digital landscape through careful management of the creative process & its outcomes.


Brand conceptualization, brand identity, creative/technical writing, idea/concept development, art/creative direction, photography, graphic art/design, discourse, communication, campaign creation, white papers, adaptive learning, analytics & AI.

Chona is currently seeking employment with a creative design studio/digital marketing agency in Metro Vancouver (BC).

That’s it! Repetition is the best form of flattery, and always in twos or threes! For questions, please comment or email – info@chonafecanlas.com.


Published by

Chona Fe Canlas - Writer. Artist. Designer.

Chona creates powerful content poised on the edge of innovation and the mainstream. She seeks out new concepts and strategies aimed to help businesses advance in branding, marketing & sales. She specializes in creative/technical writing, brand strategy and art direction.

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