Who is She? What Does She Do?

People always wonder. About what we do, why we do it and for whom. I’ve always created for the sake of creation. Now after some time off from regular work, I am looking for ways to keep the creative juices flowing and more importantly, I am applying for jobs with agencies to gain more experience in the marketing industry. One day I will produce gains by running my own company. For now, I hope I can find an amazing company to work for!

Here is a profile of Blox and the business model I have been working on for Blox. Communications. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Thank you! 

Blox is an artistic identity that was developed in the early 2000s. Since then, it has become a moniker for my creative and technical work embodying branding, marketing and sales. Recently, I completed a 6 month contract for a digital marketing startup. During this time, I developed their brand identity and marketing/sales collateral from the bottom up. With the project’s success, I decided to work on an idea where I could provide customized content solutions to businesses aiming to thrive in our transforming digital landscape. At this time, Blox. Communications is a working concept. My long term goal is to work with Canada’s largest corporations. My goal for the next 6 months is to gain more experience in the marketing industry.

I am actively looking for work with agencies in BC (Fraser Valley area) and will possibly enroll in some formal training. If you have any leads, please let me know! 


Chona is an expert creator poised on the edge of innovation and the mainstream. She seeks out new concepts and strategies aimed to help businesses advance in branding, marketing & sales.


Blox. Communications provides customized content solutions, concept development & sales strategies to businesses across the globe. We help to establish your brand identity by focusing on the process of creating, developing, and communicating ideas which are abstract, concrete, written and/or visual. This process includes the action of discovery, innovating the concept, developing a process for execution, and bringing the concept to reality. 


a) To develop BRAND IDENTITY via transparent, accurate & responsible communication.

b) To promote GROWTH + ATTENTION using state of the art processes and techniques. 

c) To cultivate COMPREHENSION of your digital presence using a Simpler & Larger approach.


Simpler & Larger – To produce work that is easily understood and done, so that the business can consider a greater capacity. 


1. INTEGRITY is a choice of being honest; it encompasses consistent standards & ideas that impact a greater picture. 

2. TRANSPARENCY is how actions are observable; it brings clarity & accuracy into communications where multiple parties are involved.

3. BELIEF is trust and confidence in our audience and work; it promotes the realities of the digital landscape through careful management of the creative process & its outcomes.


Social media management, brand concept kit, creative/technical writing, idea development, art/creative direction, photography, design and collaboration. 

For a complimentary consultation, please feel free to contact me at info@chonafecanlas.com.


Chona Fe

Chapter 7 – Breathe Life

The train made its usual stop at Chi-Town. Chi-Town was the last remaining urban centre, where transforming humans dabbled in post consumerist delights like colourful French macarons and antique Balenciaga dad shoes. It was a place for fun and rest.

Daisy sat up. She was awake for the last little while finishing her sandwich and still wondering about Mr. Beaver in the hat. He was gone, probably somewhere between Life and Elevententeen. She was happy to be at Chi, she wondered if her best friend from Calgary was there, Linz. Linz worked with WestJet, a now defunct flight carrier that was sold off to Chapters, a distributor of Paradise Lost. Really, the world was so different now. The practice of social marketing has become a language in and of itself. Depending on one’s technological cognitive ability, SM could provide sustenance or increase relativity of binary disease. After all this time, survival of the fittest was still the game. Daisy’s ultimate goal was to become ultralingual as this was the only true way to cure illness. Humans don’t want to be sick. They don’t want to to dead or alive. Illnesses like depression and bi-polar mania are now coveted by animals as it gives them the ability to solve the difficult riddles that humans have not been able to unriddle over the past couple of centuries. This is why coming across a beaver or a snail was so intriguing to Daisy. She just wanted to know what they’ve found, so she herself could unlock some riddles from time to time.

As she stepped off the bus (she’s been off the train for A Day now), Daisy headed directly to the Nike chain where she would change her outfit into something more practical and beguiling. Her mind thought of lime green, neon orange polka dots and always always white eyelet lace. Animals were attracted to that fabric for some odd circumstance; they believed it to be cream buttering their dreams. Daisy picked something out then headed to the cash-in to check out. While waiting, she made her third eye blind to prevent identity theft, then headed to the bag wall to pick something out to put everything inside. Her next stop was Yoga Passage. It was time to reset and recharge. Yoga these days was literally a moment to decompress. Everything left your body as your soul lay suspended in a neon blue hue, rearranging all of your locations and transformations so you could see properly in A Day or Two. Daisy has been practicing since another life, when she was named Chona and did not finish her teacher training practice as Alice from Wonderland halted a sour pursuit of a man named Justin Patterson that would have led to a full-fledged intoxicated state if the relationship was not stopped by a major car accident. Laying in Savasana, Daisy fondly remembered that life as Chona was full of creativity and ideas that could have and should have been realized. She shut her lids and drifted off into sleep. She could see letter z’s in italicized font drift into space followed by little emoji limes and puffy digital rainbow stickers – it was the stuff of her man made adventures.

This time the mirror showed a faint reflection of silvery blue clouds.