6 – The Train Naps

Daisy was out, then she arose. She could feel the left side of her neck, bent out of shape and sore from sleeping on it bent. And the train was still moving across moist carpeted land or moss coloured greenery, however you wanted to see it. The trees, they looked like LEGO pieces. She didn’t quite understand when she transitioned back, but she was glad to be here smelling the faint stink of a ham and cheese biscuit.

You don’t actually want to see the workings of Elevententeen. What’s behind it is extremely frightening. The framework is made up of spider-like grids, when you see it, they move and pulse like a living thing. Daisy shuddered just at the mere thought of it. She quickly patted her yellow eyelet dress to ensure it was still in existence. Another way to halt the screams (screams occurred when your brain computed the framework) was to enter Elevententeen with a very specific wardrobe, preferably containing bold colours, patterns and texture.

Sighing, Daisy remembered what it was like in social media school learning about plain stuff. Graphic art and design attributes were existential now, they served no purpose. People only wanted multi-dimensional graphics, that breathed and pulsed and held meaning. I guess altering genetics in 2019 completely erased the human need for new things and surprisingly,  technology. It no longer occurred. It was too fickle and rambunctious; nobody cared. It was now about Artha, Manipura and finding pure bling that could get you back through the framework unnoticed.

There were no humans on the train today, only empty seats and a refined beaver quietly sipping his Earl Grey. “Well, he looks…dry and  relaxed, so he must have come from the land.” The beaver heard and adjusted his frames while cocking his head North East. He wanted to see if he could grab the newspaper from thin air instead of having to hold it in his hands. Paper was so archaic, he thought. Daisy wasn’t sure if he noticed her. Her heart skipped a beat and stopped for a moment as he again adjusted himself out of what looked like discomfort. Inhaling a deep breath, they both fell deeply asleep. The reflection on the mirror was blank. Someone had switched time and space again. What was going to happen?

Digital Presence

Hi everyone! Let’s get right to it!

Digital  presence. As marketers, we want to talk about it. We want our clients to be aware, so they can be responsible for their own success. We want to give them a model to follow so that they can apply their ideas, optimize process and make streamlined business decisions more effectively. One way to understand how this can work, is to follow a simple model that outlines four core digital marketing services + concepts, working alongside a digital marketing strategy (Digital Presence Business Model).

Here’s a brief synopsis –

The Digital Presence Business Model simplifies the functionality of four core digital marketing services. When I developed this model for VanWhistle Media, the four core services used were – web development, social media management, SEO and branding. Following another model I created called Simpler & Larger, we pair the services to their concepts as a reminder of what should be the primary focus. Simpler & Larger is the basic idea that work should be easily understood and done, so that the business can consider a greater capacity. The harmony between concept and functionality makes it easy to apply the services each step of the way. And used together, the services become intact, stable and strong. Your brand’s core attributes will become more refined and you will begin to see fluidity and consistency throughout your total business approach.


The 4 core services and their core concepts are:

  1. Web Development – IDENTITY (analytical, logical, objective)
  2. Social Media Management – IMAGE (intuitive, thoughtful, subjective)
  3. Branding – CORE (central, definite, overall)
  4. Search Engine Optimization – BRAIN (forward thinking, capacity, evolution)

My ultimate goal would be to develop this model into something specifically geared towards social media marketing. I would like to perform an analysis on whether or not social media could be used as a tool to establish brand identity and equalize the impressions we create based on our personalities and emotional predispositions. This is in development, but if you would like to hear more about it let me know!

New Job Update

Hi everyone! Here is a creative bit that leads into relevant work experience. Enjoy!

I thought long and hard about the reasons why I left. Did it have to do with change? I changed her, she wasn’t me. I was in reverse there, trying to impress a community that didn’t act on opportunities. Show them that I can be left-brained, I thought over and over again.

In the process, I gave up something very important – the ability to be creative. I think they were listening, but no one would make the sun shine. I became used to a large company running this way.

She’s dressing for tomorrow, frantically preparing for what could be the start of something amazing. As soon as I’m free, I will quickly realize what reality is, she thinks.

Ask me what I’m doing.

Ask me what I do for work.

(silence in the prison)

Use life as an opportunity to apply objective skills, then season with appropriate mentality.

Jump on potential, if that’s where you want to go. Though honestly, you will need to steer with logic and practicality.

And once you’ve been smooth sailing for about a year, you will begin to recognize a difference. (Note: part of the experience is education, not creating judgement.)

Here is some relevant work experience gained as the lead Sales Strategist at VanWhistle Media (November 2018- May 2019):

  • Launching a startup company (developing project concepts; managing timelines; using innovative software and applications like Pipedrive, Qwilr, Pomodoro, Canva, Basecamp & Ahrefs)
  • Developing skills through hands on experience and online learning (working directly with company CEO and team specialists)
  • Applying skills in creative and technical communication (ChonaBLOX. blog, emailing, prospecting, document creation)
  • Assisting clients with brand discovery and project scope (Letter of Engagement, Proposal I, II, III ~ budget based, VWM Digital Marketing Plan)
  • Establishing service features (VWM Complete Branding Package) and process (Sales Process & Original VWM Concept documents)
  • Creating powerful and evocative copy (personal and company Instagram accounts) to establish omnichannel presence
  • Formulating core concepts (Simpler & Larger, Integrity, Synergy) and sales strategies (Insight Selling)
  • Spearheading idea development (Digital Presence Business model)
  • Editing (web content, all VWM content) and art direction (branding, document, marketing package and price sheet design)
  • Conducting primary research (phone/text interviews)
  • Researching target audience and potential product-market fit (meeting early adopters; gathering feedback; and gauging interest in services)
  • Managing social media campaign (Business Awareness Campaign #ourlocalcrew)
  • Focusing on early interactions with customers (establishing credibility and customer trust)

Have you worked for a startup before? What was your experience? Positive outcomes? Negative?

She Saw Him First

Hi everyone! Try to decipher the duality I refer to throughout this story. It will make complete sense…both ways!

In university, I was fervently attached to impermanence and how it spoke to love and the meaning of life. My creative process started with a blank canvas, although it did not have to be canvas, it could have been anything.

Definition: Complete; sheer.

Purpose: To feel everything; to be whole. 

And with that, I commence. Commence a process of removing completeness; commence a process of covering up visibility – to reveal something different. I utilize a very special skill set yet to be discovered…

What is this very special skill set you ask?

I’m not sure, you tell me.


I am simple. I am me. I am beauty in everything. I am everywhere you need to be.

Pushing down non-artistic capabilities; denying intellectual understandings. It was easier to pretend that I didn’t have drive, than to begin the self-exploration required to achieve bigger and better things. I hated that I lacked moral support. I loathed that I was just an ‘artist’. If only I had been shown empathy and was equipped with real world survival skills, everything could have been so different.

Everything should be unique. The space-time continuum moves forward and does not evaluate past failures, previous motivations or work.

My struggle with identity began as a young woman. I felt completely transparent and to make matters worse, my mom would try to help me by uncovering up my supposed weaknesses – piano, French, public speaking, pretty much everything. I just wasn’t at the receiving end. I did not know how to define it or how to get there with her help or by myself. By the time it would have mattered (from high school to university) my mom did not have the energy or input abilities to output my success on top of everything. She struggled with many things, and so I struggled with the same. Growing up was about resisting and playing, if safe.

We both lived in fear.

Fear of being; fear of leaving.

Fear is weakness. Be passionate. Be real. Be able to tackle everyday things with insight, knowledge and strength.

The past can come back to haunt us, but we choose to live in the present.

Who remembers the wallpaper in their baby bedroom? Who recalls the vibrant tones of shag rugs in every ‘box’ throughout the house – intense violet, indiscernible mustard, Oscar the Grouch green, rusty red and so on and so forth.

Definition: He has a green body, no visible nose, and lived in a trash can.

Purpose: To love my body, my style and the way I write. 

Who recalls bubblegum pink mohair, fresh brand T-shirts from The Body Shop or Le Chateau. Things have changed so much in fashion; things have changed so much in our world.

We are united, we are technological. We are happy and we are digital. 


Yup, listen to me.

In university, I obsessed over process to the point where I think it became my source of envy. I didn’t understand how he (Bradley Harms, artist, Calgary, AB) could make prints nothingly-ly.

How did he do that?!

I do not know; I am so worried.

Are you sure?

Listen, at the time, my inner artist screamed. It didn’t matter that I was making things with my own hands or that I was taking things that were already whole, erasing them and reconstructing a sort of murder scene using Exs and Ohs (Elle King, American singer/songwriter). It didn’t matter that I was mapping. What mattered is that I could have turned out. What mattered is that my mom loved my art. But it wasn’t enough.

I was meditating, frowning worries and heartaches away from medicated pens and BIC Wite-Out.

In my mind, I was substantiating Gilles Deleuze…and I quote:

“Writing has nothing to do with meaning. It has to do with land surveying and cartography, including the mapping of countries yet to come.” ― Gilles Deleuze

Definition: The technique, profession, and science of determining the terrestrial or three-dimensional positions of points and the distances and angles between them.

Purpose: There is already a movie about language saving the world. It’s called Arrival. Can we really still cure cancer with letters? Bubble letters at that (Blocks speaking of Bubble + Blocks, Calgary, AB, 2005)? This was my original thesis, you see.

Mapping the continuum can spark regret; so better focus on real world debacles.

I am something out there.

My trek is long and arduous.

What matters however, is living continually knowing that I am loved and spectacular.

Yes, yes!

I actually used an entirely different quote, which I cannot find online, but I do have it written somewhere in a sketchbook. All of this work transmutes the power of being and the power of regression through ignorance. The tale of Daisy emotes this vulgar clash, where love is thrown to sea, but the water is brown and murky. We do not see this however, we only see the elaborate underground scene beneath it made up of pink, green and other living things.

She is trying to objectify life. She is avoiding subjectivity.

The beauty is in interpretation!

Thanks to you, Chonie (my mom).

Seth Godin


Hi everyone! Sometimes you just gotta use your own voice!

I shall embark on this challenge (which I cut in half BTW!) to pull myself out of this sort of induced slumber. I have lost all my vigor and it must be reinstated, so here goes two months-ish of creative and technical jargon; perhaps some continuation of Daisy’s adventures in, or should I say, at Elevententeen; some free and easy photo posts (you know, for days when I’m feeling too lazy to prose); examples of graphic art, logo designs and anything else I’ve developed over the past 3 months. I’ve been developing at the rate of a rabbit and gosh doesn’t that just leave some kind of dumb feeling!

I’ve been also introduced to a multitude of softwares and applications to which it seems even more bunnies are reproducing interesting strategies and concepts (of principles and ideations). It’s effective. This is the glory of creation! Making things to build things, systems to make duties simpler (they do that though). I will also be throwing in my works of progress (templates, sales documents and the sort), which I may add, are becoming more and more succinct every day. La la. So keep working, they’re supposed to evolve and eventually become final!

I am still testing things out aaand I’m not so sure insight selling is working (in reality), but maybe I will give it another month to see. It’s probably something that will take years to completely develop. Do you guys have any other tips or techniques? And, I’m sorry if I come across as negative, I think it’s my army suit and tank. And jeez, is that brigade still standing at attention, like they have been for maybe half a year, waiting for something to begin? Me too, me too my friends. I am starting to think this is all a sham! Sham I tell you! Sham SHAM SHAM! Well, let’s start one thing at least, here goes something –


*An ode to Seth Godin. Whom I barely know, but he has helped me cope.

The outcome of this assignment will be –

  • Improved voice in messaging
  • Happier disposition
  • Greater appreciation of my worth

PS – My intention with this blog was to work on said skills above, but it is now also to highly impress the right in the right should the right come through. But what I mean to say is, Universe, you sure throw a lot of coincidences and happy lookin’ faces my way. Is there a proprietary patent pending that I keep thinking I’ve developed, developing?

PPS – Project to come … feature video on ME & CREATIVITY. What is my process, what is it like, how can it be applied towards real world concepts and how can it be successful.

Ta-ta for now!

Pursuing Success

Hi everyone! The lessons we learn make us responsible for our own success. Apply this bit towards your own positive journey! Some examples of success journeys would be – running a social media campaign, quitting drinking or losing weight.

Our environment is filled with endless possibilities. It presents us with moments to launch investigations of choice. This power to choose is success and by pursuing it, we become enthusiasts, gatherers of insight and ambassadors for change.

The journey we choose can nurture the soul. It can change who we are, deep down to our very core. It can also provide a broad spectrum of individuals with the inspiration to make life changing decisions, and it can allow us to reap more frequent and practical rewards.

When an individual becomes a manager of their own success, the implementation of innovative technologies and the free-flowing birth of concepts derived from our surroundings can help us. This surge  precipitates newer and brighter ideas.

We may not be experts in measuring success, but we can become experts motivated to understand our discipline. Let us be versed in the things that contribute towards failure and find ways to retaliate and overcome. If you can influence the decision-making process of just one individual, do it for yourself!

So many people, from all walks of life, pursue success. What sets you apart from others?