In a fictive story, we follow our main character Daisy, an offshoot of Chona Fe Canlas and a sort of inappropriate, disillusioned hero dealing with the transitions of her environment while trying to succeed in a role as a social media specialist. Her role is futuristic, as she lives in a different time within a different time frame called Elevententeen.

She takes adventures throughout this realm as she tries to comprehend our reasons for BEING, all while managing her own personal struggles as an individual facing an array of identities positioned to question the new technologies and variations in space around her.

Throughout it all, the characters must defend humanism and learn to praise their metaphysical accomplishments in a rational yet theoretical landscape.

Intermingled is the author’s personal anecdotes commenting on a career change and her attempt to comprehend the human brain. The author uses her own writing to try to cure a plethora of falsehoods habituated over years of resisting Western culture, thought & medicine.

A note from the author –

I hope that you can follow the wild ride! Linearity is scarce, because the stories are intended to be read from varying angles (top to bottom, bottom up, skipping through paragraphs) following an infinite number of perspectives, assuming we are all aware of language’s transformative effects. Some important elements to consider are: why do we (Daisy and Chona Fe) always end up in the same place? Why don’t things change? How do we recognize time’s standpoint from the outside, which is existing and/or constructed in our brains? How do we relate this to other non-living entities like objects and feelings? Does the dialogue mean anything? What will be the ultimate outcome? Good, bad, happy?

You tell me, have fun!

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I am the desert I am the sea I am ambition I am a queen

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