The Writer’s Block & Acceptance Letter

You know when you’re frantically trying to search online for a resume or cover letter template, but everything out there looks pretty much the same? Nothing caters to your creative passion, so you just become frustrated and want to stop trying? The same feelings can occur when attempting to establish an important document.

When I need to write anything technical, the best approach I’ve found so far, is to write right away, as soon as inspiration strikes. Sit in a cafe near a window. Absorb the conversation around you. Smile and sip that joe. Then, attack your phone/laptop, vigorously writing everything down. For someone with an extremely complex creative mind, it helps sometimes to forget about ‘everything’ and just write.

Then, once you have a draft, reach out to your contacts, both ones that are familiar with what you’re dealing with and ones that have no clue, and see what they have to say. Their words can prove invaluable and could incite a new channel of thinking within your brain that hasn’t been accessed because of various reasons. Now, you can attempt a second draft and continue to rely on the opinions of your contacts, it will just be easier that way, in some regard, to keep things mainstream. This process may go on for a bit, but again, the reason for writing and just doing it, is to practice until perfect.

Writer’s Block is described as a condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing (Google). It may be rooted in the early childhood emphasis of performance over process. In my opinion, Writer’s Block is definitely of anxiety. It is an inability to locate courage or the fear of missing steps, so what would be the point of starting. The act of writing itself is complicated, so when you combine that with every day challenges, it  may seem daunting and near impossible to attain some form of productivity. I like to say, at both the beginning and end of a project, what will make or break your success is taking that first uncomfortable step, asking for help when you need it, utilizing your mental capacity to summarize your main points, then finally learning to turn things off and stop ruminating.

Documents small or large have the opportunity to be both shiver-inducing and in charge.

Here is an example of an acceptance letter I wrote for a sales job. What you do with it is up to you!

Thank you for your offer of employment.
Q: What question will every CEO have when hiring a new business team member?
A: What makes you the BEST for my business?
I have an arsenal of answers, some are described below.
Q: Let’s begin.
A: I will empower you to be YOUR best and I will put my best talent forward understanding that there will be a learning curve, I can keep up, trust me.
Every project will have a PROCESS to reach a targeted end; I aim to –
Describe and define this process, then –
1. Increase your profit margin by strategically refining your sales purchasing funnel
2. Raise overall awareness & interest in your business
3. Generate more flexibility for the team so that you can create a more successful company
Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles or moral uprightness. It is a personal choice to hold one’s self to consistent standards. I will bring forth growth and integrity by focusing on the following –
  • Documenting the customer onboarding process
  • Developing welcome care packages
  • Articulating in-house processes & access to resources to the team and clients
  • Writing case studies about the team, clients and services
  • Creating client profiles
  • Performing client interviews over the phone and/or in person
  • Creating a Q+A document (5-8 questions) for customer stories to promote new business
  • Promoting customer stories to expand our networking community
  • Assisting with creative and technical content in other formats (blog, video etc.)
I can also help with copywriting, idea development, advertising, creative direction, account management and project coordination.
In conclusion: I am intuitive, intelligent and innovative and I intend to find ways to make things simpler and larger for you. Above all, I’m eager to learn. I am genuine. I am constantly inspired. I am enthusiastic and will care about our company’s and clients’ needs. I will proactively listen to my team. I will be dependable & I will deliver! Looking forward to your response!
Thank you and best regards,
Your Name

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