Been A Long Time

Hi peeps! It’s been awhile since I’ve showed my face up in here. I’ve been busy and adjusting to my new job and so far I must say, it’s been terrifying and engrossing. I am learning so much, so fast and I am shocked by the value of content that is available online. It’s like I’m in school, but doing it all on my own. I guess that was the point of pursuing this new gig, to learn as much as possible, so that I could avoid having to pay for  courses over the span of several years.

While I’ve been hired as a sales specialist, I’ve been doing much more than that. Well, I suppose I am building all the foundations to create some sort of selling feature for our customers. There is just so much digital marketing out there, how will we stand apart from others? How will we get customers to commit when there are a ton of similar companies out there offering the same services?

In my mind, it’s all about the creative direction and the content. If we focus more on branding, businesses will start to see the difference. A strong brand is everything. It is also about locality. Meet your neighbors and start to build alliances. Here is some content I put together for our storefront posters / presentation slides –


Sub-header: Social Media

Done correctly, you can tell everyone that your brand is ACTIVE and that you are FOCUSED on promoting ongoing, thriving communication with your customers. We will show you where your efforts have worked and where they are falling short! DO SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

Sub-header: SEO

Progress to the next level with a definite increase in traffic by organizing content; this will ensure your brand appears HIGH on the list of results. Your business will need a powerful strategy as search tactics evolve. Let’s get you to the top of the list! DO SEO with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

Sub-header: Web Design

Everything about your website (content, appearance, functionality) is determined by the QUALITY of its design. Aim to establish expertise & credibility. We can manage this process from start to finish! DO WEB DEVELOPMENT with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today!

(include at bottom in smaller typeface, maybe white?)

We can also help with – Email Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Blog/Content Creation, Designing, Auto Dealership Package, Storefront Signage, Business Cards, Branding, Creative Direction & Idea Development. Contact us, we’re flexible and talented!

(contact info)

The only reason why I repeated the DO…with VANWHISTLE MEDIA today… bit 3 times is because repetition is an effective selling tool. Scientists have found that repetition increases processing fluency. In other words, our brains find repeated words easier to process and remember. I really want to get going on establishing a focus in my work. What will drive people to stop and look at our poster? Based on my previous knowledge/experience and based on the type of people I would want to work with, I would say it’s a combination of providing something different and unique to look at with an edge on content that is smart, witty and perfectly presented. Increase desire and impact demand. Once I wrap up my presentation / proposal document, I will share it on here as well. Until then, never underestimate the power of eye contact (usually with the least expected individual) and the power of following up, no matter how big or small, people appreciate it, as long as you’re not being too intrusive or worrisome! Confidence is KEY! Talk to y’all soon!!!

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