What Does a Technical Writer Do?

technical writer is a communicator for a company – they represent the company in words, focus on any areas that require CLEAR and SUCCINCT writing to communicate a message. They also work on CREATING and FORMATTING material so that it can be the most effective it can be.

For example, a technical writer for a communications company would cover the roles below (perhaps more later as a technical writer is flexible and can assist with other areas like research, project management and customer advocacy):

  • Creating/formatting any necessary documents (i.e.: important emails, meeting minutes, customer welcome packages, social media posts, website content etc.)
  • Developing instructions, guidelines, training material, strategies, plans
  • Creating templates, marketing packages, brochures, promotional materials, ads, presentations

Higher level roles:

  • Writing contracts, proposals, RFPs, white papers, reports, feasibility studies, reviews
  • Interviewer, trainer, organizer, facilitator, mediator
  • Visual communications strategy, information graphics and data interpretation

Another advanced role is analytics or observing and collecting data from customers that will suggest that the product and/or customer experience can be changed or improved in a way that customers would prefer or benefit from.

Established companies (think Google, Amazon, Apple) use technical writers to enhance communications to a specific audience and can help to create simplicity from anarchy while making improvements that result in increased ease of use, time savings, improved levels of customer satisfaction and other customer-centered metrics. Desirable traits of a technical writer: 

  • organized & able to multi-task
  • attention to detail; is extremely focused
  • able to portray a style and a voice 
  • team player, but also a leader
  • likable and passionate personality
  • intuitive, intelligent & innovative

These days in the communications field, you can’t get by with a one-dimensional resume. The salesperson is the content strategist is the account manager is the social media expert. So if you hear the words, “You aren’t qualified.”, make sure you let it be known – if you haven’t had time to read my blog or the captions of my Instagram posts or the reference materials I provided you, then YOU are the one missing out.

Then walk away and fling your cape. HAHA, JK.

The point for the venturer is – yes, you can have all the vigor and energy to retort back, but HOW will you organize your thoughts is a way that is LINEAR, LOGICAL & has IMPACT to the receiver?

Today’s mantra:

“What you’re doing is VALUABLE, NOT FREE.” – The Futur

Keep reading, keep watching and stay on top of your to-do lists from the bottom to the top, talk to y’all soon!

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