A Sales Manifesto

Hi everyone! I wrote this manifesto when I was selected to join Bell Mobility’s Small Business Sales team in 2013. Some edits have been made to coincide with recent sales experiences. Have a read and please share your comments!

I aim to create a personal brand by relating to the three manifestations of every small business – ‘The Entrepreneur’ who forges ahead into new areas of interest, ‘The Manager’ who solidifies the base of operations and ‘The Technician’ who completes the technical work. If we can understand how these entities co-exist, we can begin to build long-lasting, profitable relationships with the small businesses we aim to connect with.

As ‘Entrepreneur’, I will be passionate in all of my endeavours, staying true to my creative nature through innovation & leadership. As ‘Manager’, I will take action and stick to my word by establishing effective techniques & processes. And finally, as ‘Technician’, I will be persistent and driven in order to produce consistent results that will seal relationships & solidify value.

Nestled within these strategies are goals: to establish reciprocity – to give to customers what I would want to receive; to establish scarcity – to prove uniqueness amongst peers and industry competitors; to establish exclusivity – to prove insight and  service/product knowledge to clients; to proliferate potential business – to exhaust all available networking channels; to leverage current and former contacts – to fully utilize their feedback; to connect with chief decision-makers – to focus on high value opportunities; and, last but not least, to commit to a reward at the end of my work – to praise the vigor of small business.

In synergy, these entities can create trust, belief  & magic!

So, what you want from your sales strategist is – Legitimate expertise, genuine obligations, authentic similarities, real social proof, exclusive news, and freely made commitments which all together, produce outcomes that  benefit all parties.

Do you agree?