A Sales Manifesto

Hi everyone! I wrote this when I was selected to join Bell Mobility’s Small Business Sales team in 2013. Have a read and please share your opinions – what is your personal sales manifesto?

I aim to create a personal brand by relating to the three manifestations of every small business – ‘The Entrepreneur’ who forges ahead into new areas of interest, ‘The Manager’ who solidifies the base of operations and ‘The Technician’ who does the technical work. If we can understand how these entities co-exist, we can start to build long-lasting, profitable relationships with the very small businesses we aim to connect with.

As ‘Entrepreneur’ I aim to be passionate in all of my actions, staying true to my creative nature through innovation & leadership. As ‘Manager’ I will always take action and stick to my word – I aim to perfect the required sales techniques & processes. And finally, as ‘Technician’, I will aim to be consistent in my personal sales strategies in order to promote the persistence and drive required to seal relationships & close deals.

Nestled within these strategies is to establish reciprocity – to give to my customers what I would want to receive; to establish scarcity – to prove uniqueness amongst peers and industry competitors; to find exclusive information about our products to share with clients; to proliferate potential business by exhausting all available networking channels; to leverage current and former contacts and their feedback; to connect with chief decision-makers while focusing on high volume opportunities; and last but not least, to commit to a reward equal to my efforts.

In combination, these entities can create trust, belief & magic in an industry that many presume lack credibility and honesty.

“Legitimate expertise, genuine obligations, authentic similarities, real social proof, exclusive news, and freely made commitments can produce choices that are likely to benefit both parties.”

What do y’all think?

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