Make Something Everyday – Seth Godin


I shall embark on this challenge (which I cut in half BTW!) to pull myself out of this sort of induced slumber. I have lost all my vigor and it must be reinstated, so here goes two months-ish of creative and technical jargon; perhaps some continuation of Daisy’s adventures in, or should I say, at Elevententeen; some free and easy photo posts (you know, for days when I’m feeling too lazy to prose); examples of graphic art, logo designs and anything else I’ve developed over the past 3 months. I’ve been developing at the rate of a rabbit and gosh doesn’t that just leave some kind of numb feeling!

I’ve been also introduced to a multitude of software and applications to which it seems even more bunnies are procreating these interesting strategies and concepts (of principle and ideation). It’s effective, this is the glory of creation these days! Making things to build things, systems to make duties simpler (they do that though). I will also be throwing in my works of progress (templates, sales documents and the sort), which I may add, are becoming more and more succinct every day. So keep working, they’re supposed to evolve and eventually become final!

I am still testing things out aaand I’m not so sure insight selling is working (in theory), but maybe I will give it another month to see. Do you guys have any other tips or techniques? And, I’m sorry if I come across as negative, I think it’s my army suit and tank. And jeez, is that brigade still standing at attention, like they have been for maybe half a year, waiting for something to begin? Me too, me too my friends. I am starting to think this is all a sham! Sham I tell you! Sham SHAM SHAM! Well, let’s start one thing at least, here goes something – *MAKE SOMETHING EVERYDAY! *An ode to Seth Godin, who I barely know, but he has been helping me cope.

The outcome of this assignment will be –

Improved voice in messaging

Happier disposition

Greater appreciation of my worth

PS – My intention with this blog was to work on said skills above, but it is now also to highly impress the right in the right should the right come by. But what I mean to say is, Universe, you sure throw a lot of coincidences and happy lookin’ faces my way. Is there a proprietary patent pending that I keep thinking I’ve developed, developing?

PPS – Post to come…video feature on ME and CREATIVITY. What is the process, what is it like, how can it be applied, how can it make me successful.

Ta-ta for now!


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