Blown Away / New Job Update

I thought long and hard about the reasons why I left. Did it have to do with change? I changed her, she wasn’t me. I was in reverse there, trying to impress a community that didn’t act on opportunities. Show them that I can be left-brained, I thought over and over again.

In the process, I gave up something very important – I couldn’t create. I think they were listening, but no one would make the sun shine. I suppose that’s a corporation these days.

She’s dressing for tomorrow, frantically preparing for what could be the start of something amazing. As soon as I’m free, I will quickly realize what reality is!

Ask me what I’m doing.

Ask me what I do for work.

(silence in the prison)

Use life as an opportunity to apply objective skills, then season with appropriate mentality.

Jump on potential, if that’s where you want to go. Though honestly you will need to steer with logic and practicality.

And once you’ve been smooth sailing for about a year, you will begin to recognize — (Note: part of the experience is education, not avoiding judgement)

  •  Launching a startup company (developing timelines/time management using cutting edge software and applications ~ Pipedrive, Qwilr, Pomodoro, Canva, Basecamp, Ahrefs)
  •  Developing skills through hands on experience and learning (working directly with company CEO and team specialists)
  • Applying skills in creative and technical communication (ChonaBLOX. blog, emailing, prospecting, document creation)
  • Assisting clients with brand discovery and project scope (Letter of Engagement, Proposal I, II, III ~ budget based, VWM Digital Marketing Plan)
  • Establishing service features (VWM Complete Branding Package) and process (Sales Process & Original VWM Concepts documents)
  • Creating powerful and evocative copy (personal and professional Instagram accounts) for digital channels and platforms
  • Formulating core concepts (Simpler + Larger, Integrity, Synergy) and sales strategies (Insight Selling)
  • Spearheading idea development (Digital Presence presentation)
  • Editing (web content, all VWM content) and art direction (branding, document, marketing package and price sheet design)

These ideas will be further developed over the next 3 months. March itself will be a huge turning point. I have to prove myself, for making this radical change and as a main goal, will need to confirm that insight selling is an effective selling technique.

So, let’s go!

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