Pursuing Success

If you are driven, then you are always chasing the wind. That breeze, that feeling in the air is SUCCESS. I wrote this little bit for encouragement at a time when I was not receiving very much support. I had assigned myself some ‘mentors’ and they all turned around, took advantage to meet their own objectives. LOL, how ironic! The lesson learned – We are each responsible for our own success. You will never forget. At some point in time you will INVEST your trust in someone, so be sure to know what their intentions are first!

Here’s the bit –

In pursuit of success, we are all enthusiasts, gatherers of insight and ambassadors of change. Success nurtures the soul and provides a broad spectrum of individuals with the inspiration to make exorbitant and exciting decisions, yet still reap practical and organized rewards. Business-minded individuals benefit from this combination, because somehow it simplifies workplace goals and increases the propensity for personal technical productivity which in some sense, can promote transparency, which in turn can join entities into unified parts of a complex working whole.

When an individual becomes a manager of their own success, the implementation of innovative technologies and the free-flowing birth of concepts derived from our surroundings can take off and surge the development of newer and brighter ideas. This in turn, will augment a possibility for greater success and greater success begets! We may not be experts in measuring success, but we can be experts in learning, disciplined by our own devices to become exceptionally well-versed in the digital world à la *quid pro quo.

In closing, customer-centric environments (like a cafe) can increase our instinctual capacity to recognize the cool and relevant of today. Your business will always need this. So, think of our services as a start to an end; we’ll zoom in, click on commencement and drive all components into a focused solution. Our entire environment is filled with endless possibilities, ways of viewing and moments to launch investigations of choice. If you can influence the decision-making process of just one individual, do it with passion, do it with intelligence and do it on **TIME.

*A favor or advantage granted by expecting something in return.

**Major concept to be further developed.

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